Pasar Malam Cheras, Taman Connought (Every Wednesday nights)

I heard for so long,
That Taman Connought Pasar Malam is very long,
So, I go to see if it's true that it is that long.
With my wife tagging along.

So jammed, took us so long,
Hard to find parking? Park across the street cannot be wrong.
The pedestrian bridge got many stickers of ah long,
The pasar malam is indeed very long.

What to eat? You may think,
Chao taufu is the thing.
The air, is so stink,
Eating it, you may want to rethink.

So many choices for you to eat and drink,
Weather is so hot, you don't need to prink. 
When you walk you have to shrink,
For the Pasar Malam is packed to the brink.

Men and women, uncles and aunties,
Some come with families,
Looking around with curiosities,
And I wonder why many buy bra and panties.

Ate so much, feeling content,
Lost count on how much I spent,
Going for tofu again, after smelling the scent
The stink, maybe that's what I meant.

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