Payment From Innity For June 2011 Income

Thank you Innity, today I checked my Maybank account and noticed that I have received payment from Innity for an amount of RM150.05. That amount is for my June income.

Its so much more pleasant to be Innity's publisher as compare to be Advertlets'.  The income is good, and getting payment is no problem at all. In fact I didn't know that they have paid me until I checked my account. No need any reminder or request from my side.

If you have a blog or website with good traffic, why not try applying to be their publisher?

I am a Proud Owner of CIMB Visa Signature

I have been using Direct Access Platinum Cards for years. Never thought of changing them to other cards, but early last month I received a call from CIMB card center, asking me if I was interested to upgrade my card to CIMB Visa Signature.

She told me, since I have been a faithful user of Direct Access cards, they are going to offer me CIMB Visa Signature, haha. Why not? The card will be free for life with no hidden cost, except for government mandatory RM50.00 tax. I told her to go ahead and proceed with the application on my behalf.

After waiting less than a week, 5 days to be exact, I received the newly issued CIMB Visa Signature. I am now a proud owner of Visa Black Card. Not many people have this card, very exclusive...... hahahaha.... just joking. It comes with RM55 000.00 credit limit. WOW !

Some of the benefits of the card:

Enjoy a complimentary movie ticket of the same class – Gold, Premiere, or Normal Class, with any purchase of movie tickets with your CIMB Visa Signature at any Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide.

Enjoy preferential discounts and offers at selected merchants such as The Westin Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco Coffee, Lancel, A Cut Above and many more. Can get 5% discount at KFC !!!

And for this month until September I can enjoy 20% discount when I dine at any restaurant in KL Hilton. Most probably will go to Iketeru fine Japanese cuisines.

Enjoy complimentary Plaza Premium Lounge access across Malaysia and Singapore. Note: Valid at KLIA, LCCT and Changi International Airport (now known as The Green Market, Changi )

You can read more about CIMB Visa Signature>>> here

Missing Edit HTML Option in New Blogger Interface

First thing I notice when I started using new interface is the missing edit HTML option.  To me this is a very important part of  You will need this option to adjust or make edit your template according to your liking.

I was looking up and down for the option, but to no avail.  I did some googling, and I found there is one easy way you can do to excess edit HTML page.  Here is how you do it :
Url should look like this
Where xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is your BlogID
You can get your BlogID in your URL.  Easy.

Hope this small tips will help you.

 P.S>> All these steps are now unnecessary as blogger has improved on it.


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