Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dinner at Graze, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Event : Dinner at Graze, KL Hilton
Place : Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Kuala Lumpur,
Food : A La Carte
Date : 16th August 2013
Time : 7.00pm

Heard so much from bloggers who ate here for free,
So, we want to try this place, since we were free,
But were told that no table was free,
Nah, just joking, the place was empty and the staff were free.

Ordered 3 course,
First came ciabatta, and then the appetizer,
Waitress recommended sea-bass as the main course,
Followed by dessert, and then toothpick with a cute dispenser.

Window seat, yeah!

Complimentary : Ciabatta with crudites and dip.

Appetizer : Steak tartare with egg yolk, toast and fries.

Main Course : Grilled Sea Bass with butter sauce.

Dessert : Chocolate cake with Vanilla ice cream.

Just need to post : Toothpick dispenser.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dinner at Noble Mansion, Plaza 33, PJ

Event : Dinner with Charlie, my trading friend
Place : Noble Mansion, Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya
Food : Special Gourmet Set (8 Course Dinner)
Date : 13th September 2014
Time : 7.00pm
WIR : Hope Charlie will gain another big profit to open table again.

My friend Charlie, he trades for a living,
Other traders, always say there are just surviving.
But this Charlie, his favorite word is kaching,
I always tell him to open table, so we can eat lobsters to enjoy his winnings.

When he told me he's opening a table, I told him I was only joking,
He told me he was serious, and wasn't joking.
Free lobsters! And I am not refusing,
But that bugger, told me I have to do the planning.

Invited so many people, and no one is coming,
Free food and they are declining?
End up table for 10, but only 6 is dining,
More food, more lobsters, I am not complaining!

I am bad planner, Charlie told me sarcastically,
Mood for dinner dropped drastically,
Lobsters and suckling pig on the table, displayed beautifully,
Whatever Charlie, I am enjoying your dinner happily.

Thank you Charlie, for the dinner,
Hope you always be the winner.
Share with me a good tipsy, so I may also be a winner,
And one day, my turn to bring you out for a good dinner.

Nice and presentable table setting.

Noble Mansion is part of The Oriental Group.

First course : Two varieties abalone 

Chilled Abalone Cantonese Style.

Cheese Baked Stuffed Abalone with Seafood Paste.

Second Course: Braised Chicken Herbal Soup.

Third Course : Braised Boston Lobster with Shanghai Rice Cake and Black Bean.

My share.

2nd helping.

Fourth Course : Baked White Tuna Fish with Special Sauce in Dragon Fruit Boat.

Fifth Course : Roast Suckling Pig with Wild Mushroom and Shrimp Roe.


Sixth Course : Clay Pot Rice with Minced Meat 'Shunde' Style

Seventh Course : Thousand Layered Cake and Japanese Peanut Mochi

Eighth Course : Chilled Sweetened Aloe Vera and  Dried Longan

The Menu. 
Thanks Charlie, wish always huat ah!