Return Policy For iPad (Malaysia)

What is the return policy for Apple products like iPad in Malaysia?  I know in US consumers can return their Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc) easily, but in Malaysia, can it be done?  I am sure many Malaysians are curious about this.

Last week I placed an order for an iPad wifi 32GB.  I was excited when I it arrives yesterday.  First thing I did was to go to Digi to register for their broadband plan. (I was planning to sign up for Digi Discover Day Plan).  But to my dismay they told me that I can NOT put a sim card to my new iPad Wifi.  Then only I realized that I have ordered a wrong iPad.  I was supposed to order iPad 32GB Wifi + Cellular not iPad Wifi.

I was really disappointed with myself for making such a stupid mistake by ordering the wrong iPad.  I was mad and angry with myself for spending RM1799.00 with out checking my order properly.  I thought, gone case already.  I got to buy a MiFi gadget which will cost me around RM300.00 to RM400.00.  And it is going to be tedious and troublesome to bring a MiFi every where I go.

Calling Apple to ask about their return policy did not cross my mind at first, because I was too upset to think properly.  But after a while when got myself together, I thought maybe I should give Apple a call and ask about their return and refund policies.  I was skeptical at first. This is Malaysia, land of kiasu.

I called Apple and a pleasant customer service lady answered my call.  I told her my problem about ordering a wrong iPad.  The first thing she told me was "Apple's products are  not returnable once the they are shipped out."  I was like "DANG!". But she continued her lines by saying that she will bring my case to her managers for considerations, and promised to call me back within an hour.  There is a hope after all, though I was not putting my hope too high.  I was prepared to get "Sorry to disappoint you .... blah blah blah"

Half an hour later, the Apple Customer service lady called me. AND ..... she told me Apple will take back my iPad Wifi and replace it with new iPad Wifi + Cellular 32GB.  Hallelujah !  I can't believe my ears at first.  Did I hear her correctly?  Did she say YES to my request to exchange iPad Wifi to iPad Wifi + Cellular?  Indeed I heard her correctly.

These are the steps that I need to take :

1.  I need to place a new order for iPad Wifi + Cellular 32GB.

2. Get the order number.

3. Give the number to her.

And Apple will :

1. Arrange for a courier service (DHL) to come and collect my wrongly ordered iPad Wifi.

2. Process the return.

3. Apple will give a full refund in 3-4 weeks to my credit card which I used to pay for it.

Conclusion :  Apple does have a good return policy.  No question asked.  I did tell them that I have already opened the box and play with it.  They told me no problem.  They will take it back and will give me a full refund.

But I believe I can return and get my full refund because I placed an order for a new iPad Wifi + Celullar.  Not sure if they will give full refund for products returned without placing a new order.  I guess not.

I am happy now that I can get a new iPad in a few days time.  Thanks Apple for your good Return Policy in Malaysia.

I am going to Foo Fighters Concert in Singapore

Yeehaa ! Foo Fighters is coming to South East Asia for first time ever, and I am very excited.  I have just bought two tickets to attend the concert in Singapore on 2nd March 2012.

Yes, I am going to the Foo Fighters concert at the Padang in Singapore .  This gong to be an experience in a life time,  no way I am going to miss this.  My wife is super excited about this.  In fact she was the one who was shouting at me to quickly make a purchase for the tickets.  She heard tickets in London was sold out within hours after they were offered for sales.  She told me she will never forgive me if I failed to get the tickets.

Haha, this put so much pressure on me, that I managed to confirmed the tickets within 20 minutes they went on sales online,

Now, I have more things to do, I need to renew my passport, make  reservation for hotel room, buy flight tickets, and ........ so much more.

But I promise, my wife and I will be at the Padang, Singapore on 02nd March 2012 to enjoy ourselves to the music and performance of the reigning king of rock. 

Long live Foo Fighters!!!!!

Payment From Innity For June Income

Thank you Innity, today I checked my Maybank account and noticed that I have received payment from Innity for amount RM150.05. That amount is for my June income.

Its so much more pleasant to be Innity's publisher as compare to be Advertlets'. The income is good, and getting payment is no problem at all. In fact I didn't know that they have paid me until I checked my account. No need any reminder or request from my side.

If you have the traffic, why not try applying to be their publisher?

Norfanil, One Dumb Blogger

I come across this one blog ( The blogger blogs don't know what, maybe macam macam like me. Anything also want to blog. And look at her blog, so many advertisements. So clustered with make money banners. Wahhh, really want to make big money from blogging. Haha. Its ok, thats her style. Maybe she is one of few Malay bloggers that are making big money from blogging.

But, I am not here to comment or judge what she blogs or how she arrange her layout or how much she makes from her blogging. . I am here to show you how dumb she is for showing the whole world her login and her password to

If you guys not sure what is Innity please read here > . Innity is much better than Adverlets and Nuffnang in many ways, but the most important are the pay high revenue and on time. No need to chase like (Read my post Advertlets Still Owe me RM206.54 )

I know I am a bit too cruel to call her DUMB, but i think she deserve the name calling, because of a simple mistake she made, by showing her login name and password. Just look at snapshot of her post below.
Click to Enlarge

You can actually login to the link given in the image, and read her personal details. You can even be more evil by changing the payee information, and wait to get paid for all the hard work done by Norfanil.

Do let me know if you have done any thing naughty to Norfanil's account or as she calls herself Jalut.

Clink on the link and look for your self (before some good Samaritan who reads this blog go and inform her of her foolishness, it will be a while I guess, because no one reads this blog, wakakaka) >>> HERE