Chinese New Year 2016 Day 2 Brunch

The second day of Chinese New Year is known as Hoi Nien or The opening of the Year in English.  We usually celebrate the day by having a feast at home.  Here are the dishes taken with a new Sony a6000 camera, an early birthday gift from beloved.

Abalone with bok choy

Calamari and leeks

Cured meat

Dried scallop steamed with Napa cabbage

Fried nam yee pork belly

Duck braised in ginger and fermented black bean sauce

Hou si fatt choy (braised dried oyster with black moss)

Shanghai drunken chicken

Spicy prawn

Smoked salmon and tuna sashimi

Lotus root soup

Braised shiitake mushrooms and fish maw stew.

Siem Reap International Airport Business Lounge

Review : 

Date : January 2016

The most basic international airport business lounge I ever been to! I hope this is only a temporary lounge.  Cambodia is upgrading the Siem Reap International Airport and hopefully its business lounge will be upgraded too. 

The lounge has a few sofas, few rows of seats, a small fridge for sodas and beers, coffee making facilities and tables for pastries, instant noodles and a small choices of snacks. 

The washrooms are located outside the lounge, sharing with other passengers and staff of the airport. There is no exclusive washrooms for business lounge patrons. 

Pictures of Siem Reap international airport and business lounge:

.The entrance to the business lounge 

View from the entrance door. 

Full panoramic view of the business lounge, Siem Reap Airport.

Some snacks in cold and warm display. They have yogurts, pastries, instant noodles, samosas, sandwiches, and cakes. 

Drinks on display in the a small fridge. Sodas, beers and drinking water. 

Some pictures around the new Siem reap airport:

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