Dinner at Noble Mansion, Plaza 33, PJ

Event : Dinner 
Place : Noble Mansion, Plaza 33, Petaling Jaya
Food : Special Gourmet Set (8 Course Dinner)
Date : 13th September 2014
Time : 7.00pm
WIR : Hope Charlie will gain another big profit to open table again.

This fella Charlie, he trades for a living,
Other traders, always say there are just surviving.
But this Charlie, his favorite word is kaching,
I always tell him to open table, so we can eat lobsters to enjoy his winnings.

When he told me he's opening a table, I told him I was only joking,
He told me he was serious, and wasn't joking.
Free lobsters! And I am not refusing,
But that bugger, told me I have to do the planning.

Invited so many people, and no one is coming,
Free food and they are declining?
End up table for 10, but only 6 is dining,
More food, more lobsters, I am not complaining!

I am bad planner, Charlie told me sarcastically,
Mood for dinner dropped drastically,
Lobsters and suckling pig on the table, displayed beautifully,
Whatever Charlie, I am enjoying your dinner happily.

Thank you Charlie, for the dinner,
Hope you always be the winner.
Share with me a good tipsy, so I may also be a winner,
And one day, my turn to bring you out for a good dinner.

Nice and presentable table setting.

Noble Mansion is part of The Oriental Group.

First course : Two varieties abalone 

Chilled Abalone Cantonese Style.

Cheese Baked Stuffed Abalone with Seafood Paste.

Second Course: Braised Chicken Herbal Soup.

Third Course : Braised Boston Lobster with Shanghai Rice Cake and Black Bean.

My share.

2nd helping.

Fourth Course : Baked White Tuna Fish with Special Sauce in Dragon Fruit Boat.

Fifth Course : Roast Suckling Pig with Wild Mushroom and Shrimp Roe.


Sixth Course : Clay Pot Rice with Minced Meat 'Shunde' Style

Seventh Course : Thousand Layered Cake and Japanese Peanut Mochi

Eighth Course : Chilled Sweetened Aloe Vera and  Dried Longan

The Menu. 
Thanks Charlie, wish always huat ah!

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